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What type of ads does Walmart use?

Jan 1

Walmart has historically dominated retail. However, after several decades of dominance, Amazon officially surpassed it as the world's largest retailer in 2019. Walmart acquired Polymorph Labs to compete with Amazon in the digital ad space, reclaiming its former position as a digital advertising leader. 

A managed service was previously the only way for Walmart sellers to buy ads. In any case, this new offering opens the door to everyday sellers selling their products on Walmart's website. ECommerce retailers need to focus on Amazon ads. Still, over the next few years, Walmart has a chance to regain its crown and possibly supplant Amazon as the third-largest online advertiser.

This article will cover everything a retailer needs to know about Walmart advertising

Benefits of Walmart Advertising

With Walmart's "closed-loop" advertising system, retailers can determine which advertisements convert well and which ones don't. The system enables retailers to track their customers throughout their journey across the web, giving them real-time insight into how consumers shop on their site and what advertisements influence purchase decisions. The Walmart advertising platform lets merchants do the following: 

  • Identify your target audience 
  • Assess the effectiveness of media 
  • Produce persuasive advertising messages 
  • The most prosperous ads should be identified 

What Walmart Advertising Looks Like

Walmart offers a few advertisement options to qualified sellers, similar to Amazon's PPC campaigns. Walmart's merchants can also promote individual products or the brand in general, again identical to Amazon. 

On the other hand, Walmart has relatively strict eligibility requirements and ad spending specifications. Walmart Media Group currently requires brands to submit an advertising application and spend $1,000 a month in advertisements. If sellers choose, they can oversee their campaign through Walmart Marketplace to invest over $25,000. However, Walmart Marketplace does offer ad management services for campaigns over $25,000. 

Walmart has chosen several eCommerce ad tech companies to integrate its API for automated advertising purchases. During the beta testing period, the auction-based bidding marketplace was initially available only to Teikametrics, Flywheel Digital, Pacvue, and Kenshoo. It is now open to any qualified seller. 

Options for advertising at Walmart

Walmart is relatively new to the advertising game, so its marketplace offers only a few ad types that sellers can deploy. Sites like Google offer a slew of PPC formats that merchants can leverage. Four ad formats are available on the Walmart Marketplace for retailers, including:

Sponsored Products

The Walmart Marketplace offers high-quality products through Sponsored Products, formerly Performance ads. The Walmart advertising counterpart contains listings for products when users search for a relevant keyword in the marketplace, similar to Amazon's Sponsored Products.

Retailers who want to reach these targets naturally turn to Walmart Sponsored Products. In addition to search results pages, category pages and item pages may also display these ads. Moreover, Sponsored Products are available in the Walmart app and on desktop and mobile devices. 

  • Conversions will increase. The top three, five, six, or twelve sponsored products appear prominently on the search results page. These slots are always filled to a limit of two per search.
  • Spend as much as possible on advertising. Walmart Marketplace is a rapidly growing online destination for sellers. Still, there is no current competition on Amazon, so there is a more significant opportunity for PPC conversions on Walmart Marketplace. 
  • Launch new products and test them. The placement of Sponsored Products on merchant sites allows merchants to assess the viability of new product lines through clicks and conversions. 

Native Banner Ads

The Native Banner advertisements are Walmart's equivalent to Amazon's Sponsored Brand advertisements. A seller can use this advertising type to amplify brand awareness within the Walmart Marketplace by partnering with Walmart Media Group; the new Walmart self-serve advertising platform does not allow native banner ads yet. However, these advertisers may feature their business at the top of pages in their respective categories if they ally with Walmart. 

Catapult Ads 

Walmart's Product Display ads, Catapult ads, appear at the top of product listings alongside the phrase "Featured Item" to indicate that the product is a paid ad. To determine where Catapult ads show, the company does not use keywords. Ads are placed by product category rather than based on keywords. A catapult ad can increase sales for a product by stealing visitors from another website.

Site Search Feature Ads 

Walmart advertises with the Site Search Feature ad as one of its exclusive advertisement types. Sellers can use this ad to promote their brand by linking to related products, and users click on the advert to be taken to a page that showcases all the brand's products. The Site Search Feature ad can help retailers increase eCommerce sales, as consumers can use various filters to narrow the selection. 

Starting a Walmart Advertising Campaign 

Walmart advertising is a bit more complicated than advertising on Amazon in the current situation. Here's how to get started: 

  • Sell your products on the Walmart marketplace 

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the Walmart Marketplace application for those who have not yet begun selling on Walmart. At this point, Walmart will ask for information about your online sales revenue and your eCommerce experience. 

  • A product catalogue should be created. 

Retailers can create their product catalogues once they become part of Walmart Marketplace. Sellers with Walmart can upload their items to the platform using two different methods. Sellers can use the following methods: 

  • Organize by match. The Walmart Marketplace allows merchants to streamline the process using Setup by Match if their products are already listed there.
  • Full Item Spec. When it comes to creating unique product listings, full item specifications are the way to go. 
  • Request access to advertising 

To begin advertising with Walmart, all retailers need to submit an advertising application to the Walmart Media Group. The Walmart Media Group will review and approve each application. 

  • Take part in the Walmart Advertising Webinar. 

The Walmart Media Group will then contact the retailer to attend an online training webinar if their advertising request is approved. Attending an online training webinar is mandatory when advertising with Walmart. 

  • Log in to Walmart's advertising platform. 

Retailers can log in to Walmart's advertising platform with their Seller Account information after attending Walmart's advertising webinar hosted by Walmart Media Group. From here, retailers can begin to work with Walmart ad management services once they have familiarized themselves with the ad creation process.

  • Start the campaign

Walmart's sellers can now launch their first marketing campaign after completing the onboarding process. But before they create their first product push, they should determine: 

  • Promoting which products are most effective 
  • Walmart's advertising budget (outside the minimum) 
  • Spending amounts per product.


Many eCommerce retailers are unfamiliar with Walmart advertising. Even though Amazon is familiar to most, this new promotional platform will require a learning curve. We invite your company to contact Urtasker if you are interested in dominating Walmart and taking advantage of their new advertising options. We offer Walmart account management services, which includes 

  • Optimized Product Listings
  • Keyword Implementation
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 And many other services for the Walmart Marketplace account.