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Apr 9

What is a heat pump and how does it work?

There are many options available for heating or cooling your home, whether you're building, upgrading, replacing, or rebuilding HVAC equipment. The reliable options of gas furnaces, boilers, and electric baseboard heat are all familiar to you. Split-system air conditioners are another option. If you have been recommended, you may not be familiar enough with the technology behind a heat pump.

What is a heat pump? Is a heat pump the right choice?

This article will provide all the information you need in plain English.

So what exactly is a heat pump?


A heat pump simply refers to a type of hvac contractors cleveland ohio system that can heat or cool an area. A heat pump can heat or cool your space depending upon the temperature.


Heat pumps are both energy-efficient and environmentally friendly because they don't use fossil fuels to heat water.


Heat pumps can be used in areas with low temperatures for years. Heat pumps aren't well-known in New York City. They don't provide sufficient heat in areas where temperatures drop below 20 degrees.


This is changing due to heat pump technology advances that make them more efficient and effective in the Northeast.


How does a heat pump work?


A Heat Pump is essentially an air conditioner. However, it can heat in reverse.


A heat pump heats air and circulates it to cool it in hot weather.

Heat pumps heat colder climates by heating air outside and then transferring it inside.


This idea may seem absurd but it actually removes heat from the outside and makes it cool. It doesn't really matter how cold outside it is. There is still thermal energy in the atmosphere. It just happens that the air has less thermal energy when it is hot. Heat pumps perform better in warmer areas. The heat pump will have a harder time heating the energy and moving it inside the building if it is cold outside. Heat pump technology can now provide heat, as we've already said. There are many different types of heat pump systems.


Because they absorb heat from the atmosphere, heat pumps are also called air source heat pumps. Heat pumps can also use heat from water pipes and the ground. These heat pumps are also known as water sources or geothermal heaters.


There are many choices when it comes to heat pump options.


  • Split-system heat pump


Split-system heat pumps are very similar to residential central air conditioners. They have an outside unit and an interior unit.


However, split-system heat pumps have coils that can be found in both the inside and outside units. These coils are used to absorb heat (evaporator), and then release heat (condenser span>


Split-system heat pumps can heat up heat from outside and then return it inside. This is in contrast to split-system air conditioners. It can heat up or remove heat from the environment.


  • A package heat pump, also known as a rooftop unit.


Although the packaged heat pump functions the same way as regular heat pumps, all coils are contained in one unit. The unit is typically installed on the roof. Sometimes, it is called a rooftop unit.


To transport heated or cooled indoor air, ductwork runs through ceilings and walls.


Why choose a heat pump split unit over a packaged unit? It all depends on the size of your space.


  • Heat Pumps without ducts or with ducts


Heat pumps use ductwork to distribute heated or cooled liquids. Ductwork is not always feasible, especially when renovating older structures.



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