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4 Common HVAC Installation Mistakes

Apr 18

As a homeowner, installing a heating system is one of the most significant decisions you need to make. With a properly installed heating system, you and your family will always be comfortable in your house.


However, when considering heating installation in Verdi, NV, people tend to make the wrong choices. But with the right knowledge, you can save yourself from troubles and more expenses along the way. Below are some mistakes to avoid during HVAC installation.

Choosing The Wrong System Size

Most people believe that a large HVAC system will provide better performance. Because of this, they decide to purchase the most extensive HVAC system they can find, assuming that it will be a good buy. This, however, is not the case.


Before starting your heating installation in Verdi, NV, you need to know how much heating your home needs. A licensed and trained HVAC contractor will perform a thorough load calculation to find the best heating unit for you. They will consider different factors such as home layout, building materials, ceiling height, and local climate. 

Utilizing The Old HVAC Ductwork

Some homeowners choose to maintain their existing ductwork to save money. However, if the size of your heating unit has changed, the old ducts may not work with your new system. This may lead to insufficient airflow.


In addition, old ductwork is likely full of defects such as molds, debris, and even leakages. With that, you need to check your old system to see if it's designed and laid out in the best way possible. A licensed provider of heating installation in Verdi, NV can resolve these problems by thoroughly inspecting and installing new ductwork, if necessary.

Wrong Placement Of Thermostat

Many users are unaware that the thermostat significantly impacts the heating system's ability. Another usual error in this scenario is incorrect placement. As a result, your machine takes more effort during operation.


When deciding where to put the thermostat, you may wonder; where is the perfect spot to install it? Ideally, it should be placed in a spot that’s out of direct sunlight and away from any air vents. If you’re still in doubt, a reputable heating installation in Verdi, NV can help and find the best placement for your thermostat, so you don’t have to.

Improper Venting Of Toxic Gases

To ensure that the harmful gases produced by your system are safely discharged, appropriate venting must be considered in the installation. A heater can produce harmful gases such as carbon monoxide when burning fuel. As long as a good exhaust system is in place, your heating unit will serve its purpose. 


But if the installation is done incorrectly, hazardous gases can leak into your home. For this reason, a carbon monoxide detector should be installed in your home. The colorless and odorless carbon monoxide gas is difficult to detect without a suitable detector. 


When it comes to heating installation, mistakes are far more common than most people realize. To prevent paying more than you need to, make the right choices right from the beginning. Most importantly, ensure that you hire a reputable contractor with the right qualifications and a good reputation in heating installation in Verdi, NV. 


With a professional, you can avoid many of the common mistakes that people make when installing a new heating system. If you're looking for a dependable company, you can trust the certified technicians at Lincoln Heating and Air for all your HVAC needs. They have years of experience in the industry and can provide you quality service.


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