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What is Furnace Gas Valve and What to Do When it Fails?

Jul 20

Your furnace uses a gas valve to supply natural gas to the burner. The gas valve is a safety device that is found in most natural gas appliances, including furnaces, water heaters, and dryers.

The gas valve has two main functions: shut off the flow of gas to the appliance when needed and control the flow of gas to the appliance. It is a crucial part of your unit, and if it fails, your furnace will not operate properly. You have to call the experts for immediate heating repair service Hialeah, Fl.

Keep reading to learn more about gas valves and what to do when you experience issues with them:

What is a  Gas Valve in Your Furnace?

As we briefly touched on, a gas valve is a device that regulates the flow of natural gas to the burner in your furnace. The furnace gas valve is located near the bottom of your unit, right where the burners are. It's an important part of your system because it needs to be working properly in order for your furnace to function as it should.

The gas valve is controlled by an actuator, a small device that is mounted on the side of the gas valve. The actuator is what tells the gas valve when to open and close. When the furnace is turned on, the actuator sends a signal to the gas valve telling it to open so that natural gas can flow to the burner. The actuator is also responsible for closing the gas valve when the furnace is turned off.

This part usually requires a professional heating repair service Hialeah, Fl when

Two Types of Gas Valve

There are two main types of gas valves: manual and automatic.

A manual gas valve has a knob that you need to turn in order to open or close the valve. An automatic gas valve, on the other hand, is controlled by an electric current. This type of valve is more common in newer or modern furnaces.

What Happens When the Gas Valve Fails?

If your gas valve fails, you need an immediate heating repair service Hialeah, Fl. Delaying the repair can cause a few different problems with your furnace.

For example, if the gas valve does not open all the way, the furnace may not get enough natural gas to keep the fire going. This can result in the furnace shutting off prematurely or not reaching the desired temperature.


Additionally, if the gas valve fails to close properly, natural gas can continue to leak into the furnace even when it is turned off. This can be a severe safety hazard, as a natural gas leak can lead to an explosion.

What to Do If Your Furnace's Gas Valve Fails

If you suspect that your furnace's gas valve is not working properly, it's essential to contact a professional for heating repair service Hialeah, Fl. Only a trained technician should attempt to repair or replace a gas valve.

Trying to repair or replace a gas valve on your own could result in further damage to your furnace or cause serious injury. Make sure you call a technician with a proven track record who services all makes and models of furnaces. This ensures you get the service and the results you expect.

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