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AC Installation Tips You'll Be Glad To Know

Aug 5

AC installation in Roundrock, TX isn't easy - which is why there are experts you can hire to handle the work. Whether you hire a professional or want to try your luck and prove your skill by choosing a DIY (you should know the consequences first), here are a few tips for a safe and successful installation: 

Set a clear list of requirements and expectations.


Before purchasing an air conditioner, it's best to list all your requirements and expectations so it's easier to find the ideal air conditioner that offers the most value for your bucks. Additionally, any AC installation company in Roundrock, TX  will likely help you find solutions that meet your needs if they see that you're serious about your project.

Hire a reputable AC installation company.


While it is certainly possible to DIY an AC installation, it's not recommended, especially if you lack the necessary qualification. With a DIY installation, you'll be risking your safety and home safety. A professional installation will ensure that the job is done quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Do your research. 


Air conditioning systems come in all types and sizes. While your chosen HVAC contractor will help you find the air conditioner you need, it is still wise to learn about your options and what's involved in the installation. You need to know what type of unit will be most effective for your home. Consider the climate you live in, the size of your home, and your budget when making your decision.

Make sure the unit is the right size.


The size of an air conditioner is crucial. An AC that's too small or too large will only lead to various comfort issues down the road. So, ensure that the AC unit you purchase is the right size for your home. An AC installation company in Roundrock, TX  can help you determine the best size for both your home and your needs.

Don't forget to check the system's efficiency.


Your air conditioner's level of energy efficiency will directly impact the cost you need to run the equipment. Highly efficient air conditioners consume less energy, which results in lower electric bills. Unfortunately, they literally come at a high price. If you don't have sufficient money on hand, you can ask your AC installation company in Roundrock, TX about financing options.

Inspect the existing ductwork.


If you need a ducted AC replacement, it's crucial to have your ductwork inspected first. A professional can tell whether your ductwork needs repair or modifications to meet the requirements of your new air conditioner.

Prepare your home.


Before the installers arrive, move or cover any furniture in the working area. Make sure no items are blocking the path of the unit. By doing this, your installers can focus on the work and complete the process seamlessly and quickly.

Wait for 24 hours before turning on the unit.


Once the installation is complete, it's best to wait for 24 hours or the prescribed time before turning on your new air conditioner. It is done to allow the compressor's oil to settle, avoiding any possible damage to the unit. 


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